Is "traditional media" dead?

I, for one, will say the answer to this question is a resounding NO!! Not by a LONG SHOT! Nearly everyday, I get in a conversation with some "expert" who tells me that traditional media advertising such as television and radio is a "dying" animal. To that I say, really? Is Modern Family a hit show? YES! Is The Walking Dead a hit show with huge viewership numbers? YES! Do advertisers find value there? YES!!! Is there more competition for eyeballs than ever? YES, but where ever GREAT CONTENT is, viewers/listeners will be there too. And so will advertisers! And it will be effective for them.

True, some of the viewership numbers are down and time spent in the digital realm continues to grow but that doesn't spell the END OF TELEVISION, DOOM OF RADIO, ETC.....

I have plenty of clients who still use television, radio, outdoor, etc., and do quite well with those mediums. Of course, we must be more and more strategic about where, and how much we spend, but they are still effective and still deliver a great ROI if purchased right.

Is digital a big part of our plan for clients? For the most part, absolutely. But it's mix of the two that we find is most effective.